SFT Team Went for GT Angling at the Meiji Reef

The SFT super fishing team took 11 days for 2400 kilometers by boat to go for GT fishing at the Meiji Reef of the Nansha Islands.

They are lure fishing enthusiasts going around the world for their aimed big fish for years. They have been to many world top fishing fields but they are Chinese and cherish the wish to angle the GT in the Nansha Islands of their own territory in their life. They have longed for it for more than one decade and got it at last. As known disturbance to the South China Sea occurs from time to time and makes the chance even rare. However, with strong desire and as the Chinese they are they have come up to these beautiful islands and reefs and witnessed the first trip the Chinese anglers angling in the Meiji Reef of the Nansha Islands.

This reef is one of the important fishery bases of the South China Sea. It is about 18 nautical miles to the southeast of the Delta Reef of the Nansha Islands under the jurisdiction of Sansha municipality of Hainan province and about 1200 kilometers from Sanya of Hainan Island. The reef actually is an oval coral ring like a ring mountain on the moon with corals on the top. It is about nine kilometers from the east to the west and five kilometers from the south to the north for a total area of 46 square kilometers. When ebbs rocks on the top of the reef will expose over one meter high out of the water. Around one kilometer away from the reef ring the water can be as deep as more than one thousand meters. Here is a paradise for migratory fish. Inside the reef ring there is about 36 square kilometers of 20 to 30 meter deep lagoon area. There are two exit ports on the south and the southwest of it. Big boats can enter into the lagoon via these ports when the tide rises. For these two exits of the lagoon the Chinese fishermen also call this Meiji Reef “the double gates”. Around the reef rough waves are often arising which can be over 20 meter high when the weather is inclement while the wave in the lagoon is only one meter high, being a good natural shelter harbor.  

The beauty of the reef is beyond words and camera, however big fish is definitely in the eyes of the anglers. They spent seven days and nights for 2400 kilometer boat trip and played with the tropical storm “Bebinca”. The three and a half days’ out-and-out angling left a treasure in their life…Mr. Wang Jun-min the first man in China for popping led the SFT team to manifest the mysterious trip to the Meiji Reef once again…

The Meiji Reef of the Nansha Islands, China’s sacred territory, is a paradise for anglers and a wonderland for GT.


 Exploring certainly calls for strong equipment. Even the particulars of a small fishing hook can be very critical. The SFT treble hook, GT Killer, specially developed for large GTs through two years’ research and development that has the patent for its unique design and strong structure is ready to meet the challenge once more…
How is the aggressive instinct of the Meiji reef GT just to swallow the 230g popper!
It is a duty for the GT anglers to release the captured GT back to the sea. 
This moment witnesses the first trip of the Chinese anglers exploring the Meiji Reef mysteriousness of the Nansha Islands. They are proud of being the Chinese anglers.
For three days it is now clear and sunny. This means they are not going to play under the wind and rain and craze for GT is coming…

Three and a half days in the wind and rain let them be contented with nearly 70 GTs. It is a pity they do not see giants as anticipated but they do see as they thought that the Meiji Reef of the Nansha Islands is a world top fishing field absolutely. Now what we should do is how to protect and make the best use of it to let our future generations enjoy this paradise fishing field…

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