★The Shake Shrimp as the name implies represents natural slim dynamic states like the shrimp is dancing or combating in the water. The bait perfectly made in all details like the crawfish body, tentacles, big forelimbs, or little limbs, at which the designers look for the natural dynamic states and the luring strength, vividly simulates the shape of the crawfish. Especially when it is used with the SFT JH60 standing jig head, it will display the most natural shrimp combating actions in the water. Moreover, it is practical to make DIY re-compositions for actual needs according to the fishing field conditions, thus adding varieties for soft lure practices. It is most useful for special spot attacking in low active time and suitable for the fineness fishing system and is the first choice of the top class anglers for bass games.




●Length: 3in.About 7.6cm  
●Weight: 2.7g ●Pack In:4pcs
●Material : High Quality International Standard 
Recommended Hook: Worm Hook 2#~1/0#
Fresh Water Target Fish: Bass,etc. 
National Retail Price: ¥18RMB/pack


●Length: 3.5in.About 8.8cm  
●Weight: 4.2g ●Pack In:3pcs
●Material : High Quality International Standard 
●Recommended Hook: Worm Hook 2#~1/0#
Fresh Water Target Fish: Bass,etc. 
National Retail Price:¥16RMB/pack 


Variable re-compositions for different fishing fields and practices

➊ DIY re-compositions of the functions can be made in accordance with the actual field conditions and requirements, providing for varieties of soft bait fishing ways.                                                                 ➋ Remove the two big forelimbs and the tail sector and it will play just like a struggling cricket or a sea slater in water, especially good for the floating method.

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