★Facing with conventional T-tail lures, SFT studies the hydromechanics further and focuses the eyes on innovation of the tails of this lure. The distinctive hook shape tail rotor can produce very good attracting effect with high frequent tail swinging that the conventional T-tail fish could hardly perform in the extremely little flow resistance. It will be very useful especially for the low active period when slow retrieving to lure the fish is required. The body shape with different segments on the back and abdomen will make multiple ways of irregular water vibration waves. The globally distinctive difficult process of the head with the cross slots improves the stability when used with the hook. The imported highly concentrated natural sardine flavor and colorful reflecting flakes bring up a much more effective luring. Making it with the two different low and high specific gravities and precise proportional softness setting adds a variety choice of fishing ways for various water fields.

FW Fields (High specific gravity, with salt,Floating Type)

SW Fields (Low specific gravity, without salt,Sinking Type)
●Length: 4in.  About 10cm 
●Weight: Floating 8.3g/Sinking 9.3g
●Type:Soft Bait 
Material Quality: EU Standard 
●Recommended Hook: Worm Hook 3/0#-5/0#
●Fresh Water Target Fish: Bass, Catfish,etc.
Salt Water Target Fish: Sea Bass, Grouper, etc.
Pack In:4pcs
National Retail Price: ¥20RMB/pack

For hook fishing at various fields

The hook exposed outside the bait normally can have good hook-up effect.

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