This minnow extra long-range casting lure is specially designed for large lure targets like the sea bass.It is a combination of the novelty tiny lip with the streamlined body and it has effects of the most natural wide rolling swimming action, which is most attractive to the sea bass, and at the same time greatly reduces casting air resistance.Furthermore, it adopts a smart integration of the unique wide tail structure with the auto S&G ring check weight moving center function. This makes the weight center loading close to the end of the lure as much as possible so that it can achieve a more stable flying and an extra far casting distance that other minnows of the same size may not reach.The SFT exclusive strong strip of mold press-cut whole piece stainless steel, a standard matched part, can meet greater challenges for extra large fish.

Max.Casting Range 70m【Main Line:PE 2#.Leader:40lb】
●Length: 135mm ●Weight: 30g
●Type: Floating Minnow ●Diving Depth: 1.2m
●Swimming Action: Wide Rolling (Rolling + Swinging)
●Hook: OWNER ST-41TN 1#
●Connecting Ring:SFT POWER COMBINE RING 4#50lb
●Split Ring:SFT POWER SPLIT RING 5#80lb
●Recommended Main Line: PE1.5#~4#
●Recommended Shock Leader: 30LB~60LB
●Target Fish: Sea bass, Pike, Barramundi, Skipjack Tuna,  
  Mackerel, Mahi-mahi, Yellow Tail, etc.  
●National Retail Price: ¥88RMB









●Cut immediately from imported ultra rust-proof and strong stainless steel plates for a strong complete whole piece structure without joints or openings ●Dozens of times stronger than that of the conventional lure steel wire;the actual tested pulling tension reaches over 100kg. ●Locking eyes at both ends secure the steel strip well in the centre of the lure body, precisely fixed for better strength of the whole unit. ●Incomparably, giving no ways of hook-off even attacked by sharp teeth of giants and the lure body crushed.

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