●The product uses the patent technology of removable connection of the head with the hook as against the conventional casted structure jig head. It not only has a better swinging effect with the soft bait but can freely adjust the angle between the hook point and the soft bait to the obstacle situations in the water and thus achieves very good stuck prevention effects.

●As it is removable, anglers can easily replace it proceeding from the hook worn out or the fishing circumstances. The head connected with the hook can be turned to any angle. Compared with the conventional jig head, once the fish bites the hook, it can fully abate the struggling power of shaking or jumping and cut out the hook out probabilities.

●The angle before the head is so designed that the head itself can display high frequent rolling to increase fish gathering effect and that it can easily avoid any obstacle structures in the water. This provides better searching in the stuck prone reef and rocky areas.

●Different from other jig heads, this “Almighty” series is equipped with the quality silicone skirt and thin silicone ribbons. Even being standstill in the bottom of the water, with the help of slow flowing, it can deduce the delicate water waves by the bait fish fins to lure the target fish to bite. Also, the glow eye helps the fish lock its target in the dim water and improve the hit. The two types of hooks of different natures developed for this lure product provide choices for the angler’s needs for different fishing fields or angling methods.


Weight:  20g/40g/60g/90g

●Type: Multifunctional Jig Head 
●Swinging Action: Complex Swinging(rolling + swinging)
●Worm Hook: 20g SFT STANDING BIG EYE 3/0# 
●Worm Hook: 40g,60g,90g SFT STANDING BIG EYE 4/0#
●Assistant Hook: 20g SFT TWIN SHORE JIG ASSIST S# 
●Assistant Hook: 40g SFT TWIN SHORE JIG ASSIST M# 
●Assistant Hook: 60g,90g SFT TWIN SHORE JIG ASSIST L#
●Connecting Ring:20g SFT POWER COMBINE RING 3#40lb
●Connecting Ring:40g,60g,90g SFT POWER                          COMBINE RING 4#50lb 
●Split Ring:20g SFT POWER SPLIT RING 3#40lb
●Split Ring:40g,60g,90g SFT POWER SPLIT RING 4#50lb
●Recommended Main Line:PE1.5#~4#
●Recommended Shock Leader:20lb~60lb
●Fresh Water Target Fish: Pike,Barramundi,Catfish,etc. 
●Salt Water Target Fish:Sea Bass,Grouper,Sea        Bream,Flounderetc,etc.
●National Retail Price:20g¥32RMB,40g¥36RMB,                    60g¥38RMB,90g¥42RMB,





A variety of methods for different fishing fields

For stuck prone fields, the hook point can gently sting into the soft bait so as to greatly reduce the probability of being stuck to the bottom

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