★SFT has made revolutionary improvement of the conventional curl tail maggots and made this Spin Tail with different segments on the abdomen and the back and integration of the T-tail and the curl tail shapes. It can not only generate multiple ways of water vibration waves but provide variable structure possibilities when fish is at high vigilance or picky with the bait sizes. The globally distinctive difficult process of the head cross slots greatly improves the stability when used with the hook. The highly concentrated natural sardine flavor and colorful light reflecting flakes used in forming the bait body make very strong attracting enhancement. The two ways of high and low specific gravities and the precise proportional softness setting provide choices for various water fields and fishing practices.

FW fields (High specific gravity, with salt.Floating Type)

SW fields (Low specific gravity, without salt.Sinking Type)
Length: 4.2in.  
Weight: Floating 8.5g/Sinking 9.5g
●Type:Soft Bait
●Material Quality: EU Standard 
●Recommended Hook: Worm Hook 3/0#-5/0#
●Fresh Water Target Fish: Bass, Catfish,etc.

●Salt Water Target Fish: Sea Bass, Grouper, etc.
●Pack In:
National Retail Price: ¥20RMB/pack


For various fishing fields

DIY for various fishing conditions, especially good for the time the target fish is at high vigilance or picky with the bait sizes

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