★As the first completely handmade natural wooden pencil popper for yellow-tails and tunas in China, this “Feiyu” lure has won the anglers’ support and praises for its superior long-range casting performance and swimming action effects and many legends it created in Dalian and Shandong regions in China.
It looks like the flying fish (volador), chub and Spanish mackerels (Scomber japonicas) and other prey for big fish. The swimming action is superior to the plastic baits for the wooden body that is more harmonious with and adaptive to the water and anglers can control and use it more flexibly.
The slant design of the head and the appropriate weight and balance setting can achieve a perfect water skating angle.When making high speed short jerks, it will vividly present the bate fish as if a flying fish was making water sprays upon running away.Some horizontal rod high speed short jerks matched with reeling rhythms of changing speeds can vividly produce actions as though an injured little fish is at struggling. Its unique S-shape dog walking action and sometimes just staying standstill represent the bait fish is running away or being petrified.Long jerks with the rod tip pushed down can create water sprays which can hide the bait body and the hook in countless tiny bubbles upon diving and greatly reduce alertness of the target fish.
With the application of high-quality laser hologram, the sinking “Feiyu” heading rapidly to the deep water can absorb the light well even in the dim water and reflect the scale light, thus making very good effect in the deep range to attract the target fish to approach. The standard assembly of high-strength 1.6mm whole piece mold cut stainless steel strip and the big hook will also be conducive to writing more legends.

Floating Type Max. Casting Range 100m
Sinking Type Max.Casting Range 110m

[Main Line: PE 4#, Shock Leader: 100lb]

●Material:Use Imported High Grade Natural Wood
●Length: 170mm
●Type: Pencil Popper
●Hook: OWNER ST66-3/0#
●Split Ring: SFT POWER SPLIT RING 7#170lb
●Swivel: NT POWER SWIVEL 2/0#316kg
●Recommended Main Line: PE4#~6#
●Recommended Shock Leader: 80LB~130LB
●Target Fish: Yellowtail, Tuna, Mahi-mahi,  Wahoo,Barracuda,
 Sailfish, Trevally, etc. 
●National Retail Price: ¥280RMB

Floating Type Max. Casting Range 80m
Sinking Type Max.Casting Range 90m

[Main Line: PE 4#, Shock Leader: 80lb]

●Material:Use Imported High Grade Natural Wood
●Length: 145mm
●Type: Pencil Popper
●Hook: SFT Special Hook 3/0#
●Split Ring: SFT POWER SPLIT RING 7#170lb
●Swivel:NT POWER SWIVEL1/0#212kg
●Recommended Main Line:PE3#~5#
●Recommended Shock Leader:60lb~100lb
●Target Fish: Yellowtail,Mahi-Mahi,Mackerel,    Wahoo,Barracuda,Trevally,Sailfish,Tuna,etc.
●National Retail Price: 



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