★This is a newly developed ultra high strength PE string by SFT with the Japanese manufacturer for SW Jigging. As against other previous PE strings, this string is braided with 8-strands of the world top strength SP.HYPER PE fiber. The surface is so specially treated that the durability and abrasion resistance of the string could be more than 2 times of that of the ordinary PE. The string is smooth and has very little abrasion with the rod guide ring and so it has very low noise and high water cutting effect which can eliminate the target fish alertness that otherwise may be aroused from the guide ring friction noise. The string has been field tested for more than two years. It has breakthroughs in strength, durability, operation feeling and other aspects. Its ultra high tension value and outstanding field performance would show the powerful role in any fishing field. For its good professional performance, it is so far entitled as the best choice for jigging in the world.



When the string is to be cut, please do not directly pull it by your hand or bite it with your teeth so as to avoid injury.
Please do not use it for other purpose than fishing.
Please bring back the cut balance and the remaining of the string. Do not discard them in the fishing field.
Because of the PE material properties, unlike ordinary fibers, it is not very well adhered with the dyestuffs. At the beginning use period, the color may go off. This does not affect its strength. Please just feel sure to use it.




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