★This is a newly developed nylon shock leader by SFT with TOA of Japan for SW lure fishing. Compared with common shock leaders, this shock leader adopts nylon of high-strength molecular structure for the string. According to the special purpose of the shock leader, great improvements are made in its extensibility and abrasive resistance. The newly developed I.W.S super soft processing method allows the string to achieve the most ideal flexibility. Meanwhile, its wear-resisting performance is also greatly improved. Even used with the low extensibility PE string or the fire string, it can also well absorb the explosive power of the fish and reduce the probability of string break to let the fish run away.The superior wearing resistance is very suitable for some extremely complex fishing fields and fish species with sharp teeth. It is comparable with any top shock leaders in the world for its high tension value and outstanding field performance. Different pound specifications at the same time can meet for various kinds of lure fishing, from the offshore sea bass to the ocean giant trevally or tuna fishing.



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