This product is a new-era ultra strong PE line developed for casting GT fishing by SFT together with the Japanese partner specially . Compared with other PE lines, it's made of the strongest SP. HYPER PE and braided with eight strands. The line surface is specially treated and the durability and abrasiveness is two-fold stronger than the ordinary PE lines. The smoothness of the line greatly reduces friction with the rod guide rings. It's nice and good for extra far casting. With years of testing, it makes breakthroughs in its strength, durability, and operational performance. Ultra pulling strength and outstanding practical application are just for the biggest GT. The distinctive professional performance reaches the peak of PE lines for GT fishing in the world.  

10#:150lb 50mX12/600m
National Retail Price: 50m/110RMB


When the string is to be cut, please do not directly pull it by    your hand or bite it with your teeth so as to avoid injury.
Please do not use it for other purpose than fishing.
Please bring back the cut balance and the remaining of the  string. Do not discard them in the fishing field.
Because of the PE material properties, unlike ordinary fibers, it is not very well adhered with the dyestuffs. At the beginning use period, the color may go off. This does not affect its strength. Please just feel sure to use it.



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