This 'Fishfrog', same as its name implies, plays magically like fish and frogs. It swims like fish vividly and carries the soul of a frog at the same time. It is these features that attract the targeted fish to come to attack it wildly. Precise counterweight and very low weight center ensure high stabilities of its swimming actions. Excellent balanced setting mimics the roles well either in floating or sinking. The quality tail feather and hook help it swing more naturally during swimming. Slight shaking and swinging of the feather and hook when floating or suspending resemble a restless frog leg, helping the target fish arouse its desire to attack. For its outstanding performance of bullet-like casting,1.5m diving depth, and good for various fish species, even beginners can enjoy fishing with this bait…

●Length:55mm ●Weight:Floating8.5g/Sinking10g
●Type:Crankbait ●Diving Depth:1.5m
●Swimming Action:Wobbling
●Hook:Front 8#; Rear 10#
●Split Ring:SFT Original Split Ring 3#40lb
●Recommended Main Line:4lb~12lb
●Targeted Fish:Bass, Snakehead, Catfish, etc.
●National Retail Price: 39RMB







Tiny fine bead

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