●This bait from the head to the back is designed with a streamline inverted triangle structure by using the hydrodynamic principle, greatly increasing the body rolling frequency. ●Very low weight center and excellent balanced sinking speed up diving to deeper searching.●The color ribbons enhance reflection effect and create subtle differential vibration waves with the metal body, thus attempting the target fish with stronger desire to attack.●The double hooks are used to reduce bottom stuck rate and improve searching ability in rough areas.

●Type: Metal Vibration
●B35 Length: 35mm ● Weight: 5g
●B45 Length: 45mm ● Weight: 10g
●Swimming Action: Vibration
●B35 Hook: SFT Original Double Hook12#
●B45 Hook: SFT Original Double Hook 8#
●Targeted Fish: Bass, Catfish, etc.

●National Retail Price: B35¥26RMB,B45¥30RMB




The triangle improves vibrating frequency greatly

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