★As a classical heritage of the“Xilang200F”, this “Xilang275F”exclusively for the giant trevally inherits all the advantages of the 200F. The excellent long- range casting performance and swimming action effects make it stand out in the world market just on its debut.With strictly selected materials and more than ten years of the designer’s experience, this product of Xilang275F shows that China can also make the world top quality GT poppers.
This popper having all the features of the pencil poppers is also good for the beginners. Continuous high speed short jerks with the horizontal rod and uniform reeling speeds can imitate very natural big Z-shape snake crawling. Slow short jerks with the rod pressing down and reeling with controlled changing speeds will present as though there were a rolling dragon playing on the sea to provoke the violent GT under the water.
The small cup mouth makes up for the over low splashing sound of the general fish-shaped pencil poppers. Moderate sound of the bubble bursting and splashing is especially effective for the GT of high alertness that has got used to the noisy big cup poppers.The distinctive double hook arrangement not only greatly improves hooking probabilities, but also leaves the space for the blade installation to reduce exaggerated jumping and swinging of the bait body in case of high and large waves. The blade makes light reflection, which can create an irresistible temptation to activate the GT. The standard assemblies with 20 times Germany imported coating protection, 430kg Japanese original swivel ring and the 7/0 hook of the world strongest SFT GT killer allow it to be capable for combating against large fish in shallow coral reefs.

Max.Casting Range 110m

【Main Line:PE 8#. Leader:130lb】

●Material:High Grade Wood Imported From Japan 
●Length:275mm  ●Weight:215g
●Type:Floating Pencil Popper
●Hook:SFT GT KILLER ST73-7/0#
●Split Ring:SFT POWER SPLIT RING 500lb
●Swivel:NT POWER SWIVEL 4/0#430kg
●Recommended Main Line:PE8#~12#
●Recommended Shock Leader:130lb~200lb 
●Target Fish: Giant Trevally,Tuna, etc.
●National Retail Price:¥430RMB  


Note: The blade is removable. It can promote the popper to appear in straight line movement and imitate the way the garfish runs away. This is useful for the GT to locate the target when attacking and improve the hook up rate. However, it will reduce the popper transverse skating movement. It is advised that it is better not use it when the sea condition is good. That whether it should be added or not should be determined according to the fishing field conditions and the angler’s actual needs.





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